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Date: Sept 16, 2010

Subj: Good Technologies

Whole House RO System

Dear Kevin,

I have one regret in installing a whole house RO system in my house, that I did not do it sooner. I knew my well water was bad but did not realize that it was one of the worst around the west Texas area. You showed me the analysis and comparisons and I quickly made the decision to install a whole house system, especially when it came to the high nitrate levels. The before and after showed a 86% reduction in Total Dissolved Solids, 98% reduction in sulfates, 74% reduction in Chlorides, and a 40% reduction in nitrates.

We battled with rings and disgusting scale throughout the house and thought of buying stock in pumice stones since we used them so often to clean the toilet rings. We replaced water heaters and water faucets on a frequent basis.

We now can take showers and not worry of swallowing any of the water. We have spotless wine glasses and can wash the windows and not worry about the spots. We cook and use the water to make casseroles and soups. We save money in washing our cars in the driveway while the neighbors pass by and think we are crazy.

I would like to express our gratitude for making follow up calls and making sure everything was working as designed.

I would like to express our gratitude for offering this type of service and wish the best in your continued success.

Water is the essence of our bodies and Good water will enhance our efforts to maintain good bodies. Thanks a million!!


Sal Gutierrez and family

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