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What Customers are saying:

I noticed within days that my hair and skin were much softer and I certainly don’t miss dragging bags of salt and trying to dump them into the softener.    

Mary Ann    Midland TX

I noticed the difference in the smell and feel of the water immediately though!  No more smelling like a swimming pool.  The difference in my skin and hair are just amazing!   

Donna F.  Midland TX

Cleaning has been made easier now.  It's so nice not having to mess with the salt!   No more buying bottled water.   

Bobby & Shirley  Midland TX

The price I paid for this system and the lack of maintenance required weighed far better than a water softener and adding salt on a regular basis.  I would recommend this system to anyone in an existing house or in a new one.    

Bettye S.   Midland TX

Gary no longer needs medication for a rash he had on his back, the rash is totally gone!  My laundry is whiter and brighter with less laundry detergent needed.  Also there is no longer a chlorine smell on my laundry or the dishes from the dishwasher.  

Gary & Pedie   Gardendale TX

We actually have soap suds in the washing machine – now our clothes come out feeling soft instead of crispy and crunchy!  We have also seen a reduction in the scale build-up around our sink faucets and shower heads.    

Ann & Kelly H   Midland, TX

Our water is so vastly improved that both sets of our parents have had the system installed.  It is also nice to have water to drink and not have to worry about chewing the solids floating in it.

 Vickie and Keith B.    Midland TX.

We have truly enjoyed the salt free water system.  It is nice not purchasing salt, hauling it in, and keeping up with the unit needing salt.  

Danny & Tena  Midland TX

April 15, 2010

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for introducing and installing our Good Technology system. It really works and we are thankful to have it.

Below is a list of things we have noticed:

·         My skin is noticeably softer with fewer dry flakes.

·         There are actually soap suds in the washer.

·         The RO system is clear and there are no particles floating around. The water tastes wonderful.

·         The water is especially important because I have had a heart transplant and need to watch the sodium.

·         The sinks and toilets look better.

I'm so glad we chose this system because we do not have to lift salt or bottled water. Kevin, your customer service is excellent. We get answers to our questions and you are prompt for service repairs.If anyone would ask, I would urge them to call and check Good Technologies out. They will be impressed and will not regret the call.


Morgan and Sherrie Dyer           Midland TX


I am so happy that I found out about this wonderful system! Good Technologies is not just Good... It's Great! The water is better for my family, my home and our earth. I also no longer have to load and unload 2 cases of water at the grocery store every week and drink out of those plastic bottles. I honestly do not have one bad thing to say about this system. Thank You Good Technologies!

Meisha & Patrick,  Mission Dorado- Odessa TX  

Nov. 1, 2011

After moving to Odessa, it did not take long to realize the need for a water system on the city water.  After much research we knew we did not want to use salt.  Luckily we found the Good Technologies system and had it installed.  Our family is very pleased with the whole house system. We see, feel and smell the difference.   The drinking system provides great tasting water. It almost tastes sweet. This is an investment with instant benefits.

Marianne  Odessa TX

May 9, 2011

My wife and I are very pleased with our Good Technologies water system.  In addition to healthier drinking water, we enjoy cleaner bathtubs and showers, no salt bag fuss, simple filter changes, and a much easier water cut-off procedure.   

Ken & Kathy G.  Midland TX

August 26, 2010

Dear Kevin:

I am writing you to tell you that I am very happy with the, "home water treatment system", that you installed in my home recently. I was dissatisfied with the Midland water and had investigated my choices to improve the quality. Fortunately I saw your ad in the newspaper and decided to talk to you about your product. The results are: 1) My hair no longer feels like broom straw. 2). My skin enjoys the softness of the water. 3). I use less soap in the washer. 4). The mirror in the bathroom no longer has a chemical crust on it. 5). And best of all, the taste and smell is wonderful. No more bottled water, and no salt bags to load into a softener.  Thanks again for this fine product.


Donna Dee Barnett  Midland TX

April 11, 2011


When we moved to Odessa we thought we had made a big mistake. The City adds such high levels of chloramines to the water that it is unsafe to drink and the smell leaves it undesirable for anything else. Your whole-house filtration system saved the day. The foul odor is gone, and our water is now safe for bathing, laundry, dishes, and we can even drink it - image that!  We love our new water system!

Steve & Kay D.     Mission Dorado -  Odessa TX.

Jan. 3, 2011


Since converting our old water softener to our new system from Good Technologies we have been very pleased with the performance of our new salt free system.  Coupled with the Reverse Osmosis system they also installed has provided our family with high quality and very healthy water.  I would highly recommend their products and service to anyone considering making the change in their home, or in building new construction.

Dan & Janet M.   Midland TX

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